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Single of the week: "Egg Fried Noodles" by Paul Go

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Warm and bright, with intelligent lyricism and melodies, Paul Go releases his brand new single, 'Egg Fried Noodles'. An acoustic offering about the day-to-day difficulties of dealing with mental health issues, Paul Go wants his listeners to stay positive. A topic incredibly close to his heart, this folk-pop track explores themes of resilience and strength through heartfelt vocals and glittering instrumentation - making this single an incredibly sincere release, especially with its release date coinciding with World Mental Health Day.

Paul Go is the musical project of English singer-songwriter, musician, author and research academic, Paul G. Oliver. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, Paul has lived all around the UK, including Manchester, London and now residing in Perth, Scotland.

He is known for his unique brand of acoustic, folk-pop music, which takes influences from 60s folk, post-punk and the anti-folk movement of the early 2000s, first emerging out of the dynamic local music scene of Newcastle upon Tyne with bands such as the Futureheads, Maximo Park and Richard Dawson.

Listen to the single:

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